Registration for this year's Rodeo Queen Contest is now closed.

The 25th Annual Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation Rodeo will be held August 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2023. This year our Queens Contest will be held in June to allow for rain dates and for the queens to help promote the Rodeo. 

Jennifer was a 16-year-old Foley High school student who took her own life. Frances, Jennifer’s mother, describes her as a firecracker who was full of energy, who loved to go and do. Jennifer loved her horses and her rodeo family. She was an Alabama 4-H Pole Bending State Champion and an accomplished barrel racer. For over 25 years, we have held an annual rodeo and Queen’s contest in Jennifer’s memory in her hometown of Foley, AL.

Why Queens?
While the rodeo is to honor her memory, it is also the Foundation’s biggest fundraising event of the year. The Queen’s contest is held as a way to engage the young women in the local rodeo communities and create involvement with our philanthropy. This contest brings women of all ages together in this sport to uplift and support each other. The goal is to help grow, build, and teach upcoming generations what it looks like to support others while still working hard to achieve a goal. 

2023 Rodeo Queens

2023 JCMF Rodeo Princess

Margaret Spratlin

2023 JCMF Rodeo Queen

Ellen Lassere

2023 JCMF Rodeo Sr. Queen

Leslie Stanfield

Contest Details

The Rodeo Queen’s Contest is a two part process consisting of an interview and horsemanship. Contestants are divided into three categories based on age. Age groups are as follows:

  • Princess - ages 5 to 12 
  • Queen - ages 13 to 18
  • Sr. Queen - ages 19+

Contestants will be judged by 3 judges on interview,  appearance, and horsemanship with their own horse. All scores will be totaled & averaged for a final result. There will be a Winner, 1st Runner-Up, and 2nd Runner-Up in each category.

Entry Fee = $60. Cost includes 4 tickets ($72 value!) to the rodeo which will be given to contestants at interviews along with their back numbers. Entry Fee is collected online at the time of Entry Form SubmissionEntry Form deadline is June 1st, 2023 at 5pm CST.


Interviews will be held on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 at 6PM at Frances Holk-Jones State Farm Agency, 315 East Laurel Avenue in Foley. Contestants will participate in a 4-minute interview, and will be judged on:

  • Eye contact
  • Speech Ability & Response
  • Poise & Personality

Horsemanship & Crowning

Horsemanship will be held on Thursday, June 15th, 2023 at 6PM at the Foley Horse Arena located at 113 East Rosetta Avenue. If weather does not permit Horsemanship on June 15th, a rain out date has been scheduled for Thursday, June 22nd. 

  • Contestants will be judged on ability to ride, control, and correct pattern.
  • Pattern will be sent to the email provided on your entry form on June 2nd.
  • NO Leadlining. Contestant must be able to ride on their own.

Winners' Responsibilities

  • Winning Queens will be required to attend all 3 Nights of the Rodeo (August 3-5).
  • As a guest of Frances Holk Jones, you will be required to attend a lunch on Friday August 4th for the Foley Rotary Club. This luncheon focuses on the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation, the Peer Helper Plus Program, and the Rodeo. 
  • In addition to these events, Rodeo Queens will also be required to assist with one JCMF Event, and your assistance with the Rodeo Queens Contest in 2024.

Patterns & Instructions


  1. Walk in to left.
  2. Trot to mid arena.
  3. Lope circle on left lead.
  4. Simple lead change in center.
  5. Lope circle on right lead.
  6. Break down to trot. Trot to fence.
  7. Stop. Back 1 horse length. Wave.


  1. Walk into arena to the left.
  2. Trot to middle of the arena.
  3. Begin a circle on the left lead, and continue straight down the side of arena as shown.
  4. Begin another left lead circle as shown, and perform a lead (S/F) change at center.
  5. Lope around arena on right lead as shown.
  6. Before the corner, break to a trot. Trot to center arena.
  7. Stop. Back 1 horse length.
  8. Wave and exit.

Senior Queens

  1. Walk in arena to right.
  2. Trot up arena rail.
  3. Lope on left lead on rail.
  4. Breakdown to trot. Trot to center arena.
  5. Stop. Do 180 turn to right.
  6. Lope circle on right lead.
  7. Flying lead change.
  8. Lope circle on left lead.
  9. Lope down arena rail.
  10. Break down to trot.
  11. Stop. Back 1 horse length. Wave.