The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation

The Foundation was named in honor and memory of Jennifer Claire Moore, a 16 year old high school student who lost her life to suicide in 1997. Jennifer’s family wanted to enable all young people to have access to assistance, understanding, and positive reinforcement when they needed it. In the hope that something good could develop from the tragic circumstances of her passing, her family founded the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation in 1998.

Our Mission

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s mission is to provide programs, services, and resources across Baldwin County communities that support the social and emotional well-being of youth.

Our Vision

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation's vision is to create a compassionate and informed community that instills positive mental health and resiliency in Baldwin County youth for generations to come.

Foley Peer Helpers

The Foundation’s first act was establishing two Peer Helper programs at Bayside Academy and Foley High School, both of which Jennifer attended.

These programs trained teens to identify the signs of depression and suicide in their peers, as well as how to support those individuals in getting professional assistance.

Since the student and faculty responses to the program were so positive, the Foundation proceeded to learn more about how to improve and add the program in other schools across Baldwin County, Alabama.

In 2009, 17 schools in Baldwin County had Peer Helper programs. By 2011, the Peer Helpers program nearly doubled to 33 schools, due to the enthusiastic support of the public school superintendent. Today, the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation has expanded and enhanced the Peer Helpers programs to ensure it is current, relatable, and meets the student needs.

Suicide prevention is still a critical issue that is addressed by the program. However, many more emotional, societal, and educational issues are now additionally a focus of Peer Helpers in their respective schools. 

Serving almost every K-12 school in Baldwin County, the Foundation has added Youth Mental Health First Aid training to educate and empower adults throughout the area to better support youth today.

Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation Peer Helpers Jubilee in 2019
Peer Helper symbol, made from play dough

The Foundation’s greatest success is the dedication of the Peer Program Coordinators, and the ingenuity of the Peer Helper students. They have found countless ways to care for, support, and positively impact the lives of thousands of Baldwin County youth with a continuum of care that can reach from kindergarten through high school.

They consistently develop new ideas to assist the students in their schools. Thousands of students have been helped by the Peer Helpers program over the years and in honor of Jennifer, thousands more will be helped in the years to come.

Jennifer's Mother

“My world changed on the day my husband and I lost our daughter, Jennifer. Words can’t describe the feeling of losing a child – it’s an experience no parent should ever have to face. In the midst of our devastation, I knew there was still hope and wanted to make something positive out of this negative situation – that was the start of the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation.

In 1998, the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation was established to help Baldwin County Schools create a support group among high school students. These proven programs provide a critical lifeline to help students cope with the day-to-day pressures facing our youth.

I wish the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation had existed to help my daughter. We want any child who needs support to be able to obtain it. We know our foundation can be a blessing, offering hope to those in search of it.

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation is doing great things in our community and we are making ambitious plans to expand our programs and services. We see our foundation making a difference in the lives of our youth as we continue to provide hope and a future for those in search of help. Thank you for your interest in the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation. Remember, there’s always hope!”

-Frances Holk-Jones

Jennifer's Brother

In 1997, at the age of 14, Grayson Moore found his sister, Jennifer Claire Moore, after a successful suicide attempt.

In January 2017, Allison, JCMF Executive Director, sat down with Grayson to discuss his teenage and young adult years, as he shared his story of living through suicide, loss, and grief for the first time publicly. This video features the major events of his story.

Jennifer Claire Moore riding her horse

Did you know?

  • Jennifer’s favorite color was purple, and you will see a little bit of purple in all of the Foundation’s materials.
  • Jennifer’s mother, Frances Holk Moore Jones, is a Co-Founder and the Chairman of the Foundation.
  • Grayson Moore, President of the Foundation, is Jennifer’s brother and only sibling.
  • In 2019, Allison Faircloth, Executive Director of JCMF, married Grayson and is now Allison Moore. This would have made Allison the sister-in-law to Jennifer.
  • Some of Jennifer’s happiest times are memorialized in the portrait with her horse, Ed.