Jason Flatt Act Suicide Prevention & Support Resources

During the spring of 2016, our President, Frances Holk-Jones and Executive Director, Allison Faircloth were approached by Senator Tripp Pittman to provide feedback on a bill – Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention – Jason Flatt Act. Once Allison provided the responses, the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation was named in the bill as a required committee member.

On May 10, 2016, Senate Bill 11, Jason Flatt Act, was enacted. During the 1st committee meeting on August 1, 2016, Allison was nominated by Shelia Hocutt-Remington, AEA President, as Committee Chairman. From that moment on Allison has poured herself into this bill and the work of the Alabama Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee.

“It is a privilege to work with such a passionate and knowledgeable group of professionals on the topic of youth suicide and school programs.”

Allison Faircloth Executive Director, JCMF

District Resources

All school systems are required to have a suicide policy. Click here to view the Model Policy.

School Personnel Resources

First – School Administration please meet, prepare, and review the toolkit documents:

  1. School Referral Process – Identify the 3-5 school leads which will contact parents/guardians
  2. Complete the Crisis Response Team Worksheet
  3. Go through the Suicide Protocol Packet (Locked & Unlocked) which consists of forms to use during the intervention process

Second – Designate a facilitator of the suicide training for school personnel and schedule a 1 hour professional development session. If you have a local crisis center or area expert on suicide, feel free to have them come in and lead a training for you.

  1. Go through the Suicide Training Video for School Personnel. Be prepared to stop the video during the 3 “Test Your Knowledge” slides: Suicide Overview, Suicide Prevention, Suicide Intervention.
  2. To assist with discussions and questions, here is a copy of the Faculty and Staff Suicide Training – Presentation with additional information in the notes section of each slide.
  3. During the training, be prepared to share the referral process with all school personnel. Everyone should know who the 3-5 designated staff are which will contact a parent or legal guardian. They are to take the suicidal student to the school office and not leave them while the designated party contacts the parent.

Third – A primary and secondary level student curriculum available for our Peer Helper Programs.

Alabama State Department of Education Prevention and Support Services Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee

Ms. Allison Faircloth
Chairperson Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee
Executive Director
Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation

Mrs. Carissa Anthony
Prevention and Development Coordinator
Safe and Healthy Homewood Coalition
Homewood City Schools

Ms. Lauren Blanding
Office of Prevention
Alabama Department of Mental Health

Mrs. Amy Bryan
Butler County Board of Education
School Superintendent Association

Dr. Erica Butler
Education Specialist
Prevention and Support Services
Alabama State Department of Education 

Mrs. Betsy Tagle
Injury Prevention Programs Manager
Alabama Department of Public Health

Dr. David W. Coombs
University of Alabama Birmingham

Mr. Gregory DeJarnett
Education Administrator
Prevention and Support Services
Alabama State Department of Education

Ms. Janet Shaw Gabel
Executive Director
Crisis Services of North Alabama

Dr. Judith Harrington
Assistant Professor
University of Montevallo

Ms. Mary Hooks
Macon County Board of Education
Alabama Association of School Boards

Mrs. Wanda Langley
Counseling and Guidance
Alabama State Department of Education

Dr. Marilyn Lewis
Program Coordinator
Prevention and Support Services
Alabama State Department of Education

Dr. Tamala Maddox
Bumpus Middle School
Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools

Shannon Murphy MD FAAP

Mrs. Elana Parker Merriweather
Health Services Administrator
Alabama Department of Public Health

Ms. Chalisse Peltier
Prevention Educator
Lifelines Counseling Services

Dr. Sheila Remington
Alabama Education Association

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Sheila Remington President, Alabama Education Association & Suicide Prevention Committee Member; Mr. Clark Flatt President of Jason Foundation; Ms. Allison Faircloth Executive Director, Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation and Chairperson Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee; Senator Gerald Allen Jason Flatt Act Bill Sponsor; Mr. Gregory DeJarnett Education Administrator of Prevention and Support Services, Alabama State Department of Education & Suicide Prevention Committee Member; Dr. Brenda Pike Executive Director, Alabama Education Association.