Training Programs

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation has nearly 20 years’ of experience with Peer Helper Programs in public and private k-12 schools. With this level of experience and expertise as well as state leadership on the issue of youth suicide, many schools and school systems desire to bring our Peer Helper Program to their schools.

As the demand continues to heighten, the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation who’s purpose is to fund and support Peer Helper Programs in Baldwin County, AL wants to make this program available others beyond our county. From these requests a sister company, ThriveWay was created. ThriveWay has packaged the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s Peer Helper Programs in a manner to not only make it available, but support others as they establish and develop their own program.

The Peer Helper Program was established with standards, a code of ethics, processes, and training which ensures integrity, and ease of implementation. Bringing this comprehensive Peer to Peer prevention and support program to not only help schools meet state mandate but does so in an effective and efficient manner which truly touches the lives of our youth.

The program available through ThriveWay includes training, curriculum, software and an online supporting tool and technical support. If you would like to bring our Peer Helper Program to your school district, please contact ThriveWay. ThriveWay’s Peer Helper Portal is a cloud-based, support tool of Peer Helpers. The Portal houses the program Curriculum, Resources and Activity Logs. Program evaluation is done through the reporting tools in the Portal which accesses the trending youth needs on each campus.