“The Peer Helper Program has helped me as a person to be a better leader.”

Nathan Green6th Grade - J Larry Newton School

“Peer Helping is an unforgettable experience! I will forever cherish this program because of the opportunities i’ve had to be personable with my fellow students and encourage them to overcome obstacles in their lives. I have become a better individual, inside and out, through the Peer Helping Program at my school.”

Taylor CameronFoley High School

” Peer Helpers broadened my perspective, increased my communication skills, and made me a very social and kind person. The Peer Helper Program opened my shell, changed me for the best, and made me a better individual.”

Savannah YokelPeer Helper 4 Years - J Larry Newton School

Thing thing I love most about Peer Helping is that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, this program effects everyone from elementary age students, to adults. There’s so much diversity in this group and learning to get along with every kind of personality has been the most rewarding part of my experience with Peer Helpers. I am so much more aware of others and it’s given me more confidence and made me more outgoing. This program is so incredible that i’ve decided to go into a career in education and hope to play a part in expanding the program into other schools in the future.

Candace Johnson

“Being a Peer Helper has helped me to understand others and empathize with them. I now use these skills to effectively solve disputes and help them work through issues, and I take pride in the fact that I am now considered someone to go to in times of need.”

Ariana CrepeauFoley Middle School

Baldwin County PeerHelpers Programs

2019-2020 Programs

  • Gulf Shores Elementary School
  • Gulf Shores High School
  • Gulf Shores Middle School
  • J. Larry Newton Elementary School
  • Loxley Elementary School
  • Magnolia Elementary School
  • Orange Beach Elementary School
  • Orange Beach Middle/High
  • Perdido School
  • Pine Grove Elementary School
  • Robertsdale Elementary School
  • Robertsdale High School
  • Rockwell Elementary School
  • Rosinton Elementary School
  • Saint Benedict Catholic School
  • Silverhill Elementary School
  • Snook Christian Academy
  • Spanish Fort Elementary School
  • Spanish Fort High School
  • Spanish Fort Middle School
  • Stapleton Elementary School
  • Summerdale School
  • Swift Elementary School
  • White Sands Academy
  • W.J. Carroll Intermediate School
  • Baldwin County High School
  • Baldwin County Virtual School
  • Bay Minette Middle School
  • Bayside Academy
  • Christ The King Catholic School
  • Central Baldwin Middle School
  • Daphne East Elementary School
  • Daphne Elementary School
  • Daphne High School
  • Daphne Middle School
  • Delta Elementary School
  • Elberta Elementary School
  • Elberta Middle School
  • Elsanor Elementary School
  • Fairhope Elementary School
  • Fairhope High School
  • Fairhope Intermediate School
  • Fairhope Middle School
  • Foley Elementary School
  • Foley High School
  • Foley Intermediate School
  • Foley Middle School

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation provides training, funding and support for Peer Helper programs in all Baldwin County Public elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools, its alternative school, and in several private school systems.  Peer Helpers of all ages confidentially listen to their classmates and participate in school/community service projects.  The program is tailored to the needs of each school.  In general, Peer Helpers participate in these types of activities:

  • Elementary and intermediate school Peer Helpers welcome new students, lead kindness (anti-bullying), campaigns, present character education, and tutor younger students.
  • In addition to the above roles, middle school Peer Helpers may also mentor younger students, present bullying prevention and intervention information, and mediate disputes between fellow students.
  • High school Peer Helpers participate in the above activities and also lead initiatives that address health/wellness, grief support, and the prevention of bullying/cyber-bullying, substance abuse, dropout, distracted driving, suicide and more.