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Travis Crim,Motivational Speaker

November 6th: Don’t Let Anyone Squash Your Dreams

No matter how big or small your dreams are, don’t get discouraged when faced with setbacks or detours. These experiences make us stronger and equip us to make our dreams a reality!

November 7th: The Ladder
At the end of the day, we all want to matter. We want to matter to others, to the world we live in, we ultimately want to leave a mark. Otherwise, what’s the point of life? Therein lies the challenge…. to live a life of significance and purpose.

David Jones, Motivational Speaker

November 6th: Welcome to the Big Time!

David will present a high energy talk about finding your purpose, developing positive habits, the benefits of good decisions and living life through the lens of love. His presentation will include live music as well as a time of Q and A.

David Jones, Motivational Speaker

November 7th: Strength of Addictions

Hope will share her personal story of losing her son to addiction. She will explain the importance of how abstaining from substances is vital. You don’t know if that one moment will trigger an addiction and how those addictions can control and consume your life.

TrèJoyner; Motivational Speaker

November 6th: Find Your Superpower
No matter what a person looks like, what their nationality is or what their grades may be, we are all invaluable. Everyone has something that makes them extraordinary, and once you figure that out, you will be unstoppable!

November 7th: Be an Influencer
Nobody’s life is perfect all the time. We all go through hardships, disappointment, and pain. We live in a social media world of false perception and shallow relationships. Be more than your digital footprint… be an influencer!

Over 1,300 Peer Helpers from Baldwin County will come together over a two-day period for this exciting time to hear from inspirational and educational speakers, meet other students from across the county and have FUN!

Event Details

Dates: November 6 & 7th 2019
November 6th: Elementary & Intermediate
November 7th: Middle & High

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:15 PM

Premiere Cinema 14 located in the Eastern Shore Centre

30500 AL – 181, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation values your partnership and requests your continued support of our Peer Helper Programs in Baldwin County. Since our inception in 1998 and because of the loyal support of community investors like you, we have been able to train and support Peer Helper Programs and grow to 52 programs touching Kindergarteners through 12th graders. Contact the JCMF for sponsorship opportunities. (251) 971-3633

Check out the 2015 FOX 10 News Report on the Peer Helper Jubilee below:

“She was talking about bullying and how to handle with bullying and I have been bullied because I’m smaller than everyone else and so it would help me a lot,” said fifth grader, Mary Elizabeth from J. Larry Newton School.

“The biggest problem I see at our school is basically just fighting. You know, we’ve got all these fights, but it’s just the dumb things that they fight about,” Dylan Stallworth of Foley Middle School said.

“I didn’t quite realize the full potential of being a Peer Helper until now, cause now I realize I can go to somebody and I can talk to them,” Hunter Sessions of Daphne Middle School said. “I can help lead people in the right direction and set them on the right course or path.”

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