About the Foundation

Our Mission

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s mission is providing youth with the knowledge, resources and confidence to successfully navigate the pressures of day-to-day life issues and excel into adulthood.

The Foundation’s Vision

The Peer Helper Program’s vision is to create a culture of supporting one another by extending a helping hand. Once a student is trained as a Peer Helper, they are always a Peer Helper.

Peer Helper Program’s Motto


The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation provides training, funding and support for Peer Helper Programs.  The Foundation supports 47 Peer Helper Programs in schools across Baldwin County, AL. Over 1,200 Peer Helpers serve a combined population of nearly 30,000 students.

Peer Helper students are taught a set of core skills that empower them to assist fellow students with the emotional, societal, behavioral and educational challenges they face in day-to-day life.  Peer Helpers serve as tutors, mentors, mediators and advocates for their peers and assist new students in transitioning into Baldwin County schools. Teachers and counselors who serve as Peer Program coordinators at their schools are specially trained to teach the Peer Helper curriculum.

The Foundation offers Peer Helper program training and consulting services for schools, youth organizations, and nonprofit corporations outside Baldwin County.  The Foundation produces the annual National Peer Program Conference that attracts teachers, school counselors, social workers, administrators, mental health professionals and nonprofit groups from around the country.  The 2015 conference was endorsed by the National Association of Peer Program Professionals.