Conference Resources

Welcome to the 8th Annual National Peer Program Protected Conference Page! We hope you enjoyed the Conference and gained valuable information while visiting our beautiful beaches! Below is a link to the the Conference speaker power points and handouts. These resources will only be available until March 16, 2018.  

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We hope you enjoy!


Extended Family For Children of the Incarcerated – coming soon! 
Laure Clemons
Extended Family
Executive Director

In every community, there are children facing social stigma, academic challenges, and economic hardship because they have a loved one incarcerated. This session provides creative, evidence-based solutions for helping children of the incarcerated successfully walk through their challenges.

Hot Topics & Gossip Surrounding Sexuality In Adolescents
Charlie Morris
Bayside Behavioral Health Center
Founder and Director of Clinical Operations

This session will explore and define hot topics regarding sexuality in today’s adolescents. Discussion will be held regarding teenage gossip, promiscuity, transgender issues, rape/sexual assault, and youth who have a registered sex offender status. Discussion will include the role technology plays in adolescent sexuality. Lastly, discussion will include practical ways to encourage positive sexual expression and healthy sexual activities.

Initial Peer Helper Portal Training for Baldwin County
Meredith Miller
Program & Support Specialist

In this informative and interactive session, participants will receive training on the collaborative group tool housed in the Peer Helper Portal online resource. Session for Baldwin County Peer Helper Programs that have not had the Peer Helper Portal Training.
Portal Functionality
Getting Started Guide
Next Steps Guide

Relationships are the Key
Dr. Madeleine Blancher

“Acting out” in school comes in many forms – from bullying to losing it in the classroom. When this happens, the solution usually lies in improving relationships. The big problem is how to achieve this. Understanding behaviors and their meanings will give insight to improving relationships.

Confident Me! Dove Self Esteem Project!
Jan Gay
Summerdale School Counselor

This session will bring awareness and education to the free program for any school counselor, school social worker, and educator interested in using it. Attendees will participate in engaging activities to learn more about the program, support around implementing it in their school community, and incentives for participation.

Stop That! Understanding & Teaching Social Skills to Children and Adolescents
Charlie Morris
Bayside Behavioral Health Center
Founder and Director of Clinical Operations

This session will explore various topics related to social skills with youth. Discussion will be held regarding different types of social skills, understanding why some youth struggle to show them and why some kids continue to struggle even after they’ve been taught. Participants will be given suggestions for teaching social skills to large and small groups and how to teach these skills with a limited financial backing.

Mutt-i-grees: Transforming Our Schools and Communities – coming soon!
Natalie Horton

Mutt-i-grees is a social emotional learning curriculum which utilizes shelter animals to teach students the important concepts of empathy, and using humane education to teach students all across the nation. Presenters will discuss the organization of the curriculum, the evidence-base which drives Mutt-i-grees and the activities which takes place beyond the curriculum.

Stress, Anxiety & Coping Skills
Dr. Katie Penry
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

This presentation will highlight what stress does to the youth brain, the long-term effects of stress and anxiety on youth development both mentally and physically, and provide techniques/tools in which Peer Helper Program Coordinators can share with Peer Helpers and other students.

Motivational Interviewing
James Gaston
Compass Life/EmmausKids

This session is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring the person’s own reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion.