Dear Community,

Jennifer Claire Moore

Jennifer Claire Moore

My world changed the day my husband and I lost our daughter, Jennifer. Words cannot describe the feeling of losing a child – it’s an experience no parent should ever have to face. However, in the midst of our devastation, we knew there was still hope and wanted to make something positive out of this devastating situation…that was the start of the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation.

The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation is a non-profit organization that gives back more than $250,000 annually to provide training, funding and support to 49 Peer Helpers programs in public and private schools across Baldwin County impacting the lives of children Pre-K through 12thgrade facing academic or personal struggles. Our primary fundraiser is the Annual Professional Rodeo, historically attracting over 7,000 spectators during the course of the three-day event.

During this school year alone, more than 1,350 Peer Helpers and over 100 Program Coordinators have been trained within Baldwin County public and private schools. These Peer Helpers have directly impacted over 9,300 students by providing one-on-one peer tutoring, mentoring, mediation, crisis intervention and support. Additionally, over 33,000 students have been helped by Peer Helper led outreach programs regarding substance use, violence, depression, dropout prevention, anti-bullying and suicide prevention.

The excitement begins one week before Rodeo with the Annual Queens Horsemanship & Crowning on July 25th, followed by Rodeo action on August 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you’ve never been to a rodeo before, we encourage you to join us! To all of our returning fans, welcome back! The JCMF Rodeo has been nationally recognized by the Professional Cowboy Association and is known for having some of the best stock, cowboys and cowgirls in the business. My special thanks to our Rodeo sponsors, committee, volunteers and fans. You support truly make a difference in the lives of our local youth!

The Board of Directors and myself look forward to seeing all of you August 1st through 3rd at the City of Foley Horse Arena to honor Jennifer’s memory. Let’s Get Ready to Rodeo!

Frances Holk-Jones, Co-Founder & Chairman
Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation