Shatter The Silence: Community Suicide Awareness Event

Suicide is a word not easily spoken and we wanted to start the conversation. The Shatter the Silence event that was held on September 11th brought communities together, built awareness around suicide and mental health, and provided resources for parents, teachers and community members.Thank you to all agencies and schools who were represented. We want to thank Baldwin County Public Schools, AltaPointe Health, and Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services.
The JCMF’s Co-Founder, Frances Holk-Jones; was one of the guest speakers. Frances shared her share perspective and journey of losing a 16-year-old child to suicide. She discussed the effects it had on the parent and family unit as a whole and why she believed there is no shame in seeking help during troubling times.
Discussion was had about youth today, suicide warning signs, when and where to get help, school-based mental health services and much more.

Pictured: Daphne Middle School Peer Helpers, Frances Holk-Jones,  Allison Faircloth, JCMF Executive Director; Fairhope High School Peer Helper, Lauren Deane; Marina Simpson, Executive Director of United Way of Baldwin County; Carl Jones, JCMF Executive Board Member JCMF; Patrice Davis, Intervention Supervisor

Baldwin County Public School System; and Anthony Sampson, Director of Prevention and Support Baldwin County Public Schools.
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