Back To School: Mental Health Tips for Parents

Heading back to school is an exciting time for children and families, but changes in schools, teachers, friends and routines can also make it a stressful one. Did you know that children spend more than 1,000 hours at school? Mental health conditions can affect any person regardless of age, gender or income. Below are some helpful tips to stay on top of your child’s mental wellness.

1. Stay involved in your kids’ lives, and know who their friends are. Kids can sometimes cover up the fact that they are being bullied, so knowing their friends, their friends’ parents, and the school environment, will allow you to see if your child has a healthy relationship with their peers.

2. Make yourself known to your kids’ teachers. It’s important teachers are comfortable talking with you, especially if they notice a change in your child’s behavior.

3. Make sure your kids eat a healthful breakfast and a nutritious lunch, and that they are getting plenty of exercise. This will help their mental and physical health, plus it will improve their confidence and give them the energy they need to succeed in the classroom and on the playing field.

4. For parents who just dropped your child off for their first day of school, I know some of you may be a bit emotional today. It’s OK to call and check on your kid at school by calling the office. This will definitely ease any anxiety you may be feeling.

5. When your kids get home from school, ask how their day was, if they made any new friends, and if they like their teacher. Give them a hug and know that tomorrow’s school day will be even better than today.

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