November 2, 2017 – All 1,200 Peer Helpers in Baldwin County will come together for this exciting time to hear from nationally recognized speakers, meet other students from across the county and have FUN!


Event Details

Date: November 2, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:15 PM


Premiere Cinema 14 located in the Eastern Shore Centre

30500 AL – 181, Spanish Fort, AL 36527


Featured Speakers

Brian Early: Motivational Speaker: Brian Earley is the President and founder of Think2change. Think2change raises awareness for abuse, bullying, depression, and teen suicide. As a child, Brian faced all of these topics until one person changed his life forever. Since the start of Think2change 5 years ago, over one hundred thousand students have heard the power of one message.

District Attorney Robert Wilters: District Attorney: During this session students will learn about trending actions taken by teens and the resulting consequences. Topics will include technology misuses, drugs, and assault.

Circuit Judge Edmond Naman: Judge: During this session, students will learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and safeguarding communication…Every Action Has a Consequence.

Crystal Yarbrough, Alabama Director for Eye Heart World & Laren Wimberley; Educator: Crystal Yarbrough, the Alabama Director for Eye Heart World, and Laren Wimberley will be sharing about value and empowerment. Healthy relationships are so important in the lives of teenagers today. They will be sharing about what it means to have these kind of relationships and how to implement them. Laren will also share her experiences on her 11 month trip all over the world and how the topic of value and empowerment is important in our lives regardless of where we are located or what culture we are from. Crystal will also give a brief synopsis of sex trafficking in our area and how it relates to healthy relationships.

Allison Faircloth, Executive Director; Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation: Peer Helpers are leaders, and the best leaders throughout time have been servants. Students will learn about the qualities of a great leader and the tough decisions they have to make to lead and serve for the good and betterment of all. Key Points include servant leadership, responsibility, confidentiality and referral processes.


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The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation values your partnership and requests your continued support of our Peer Helper Programs in Baldwin County. Since our inception in 1998 and because of the loyal support of community investors like you, we have been able to train and support Peer Helper Programs and grow to 47 schools touching Kindergarteners through 12th graders. Contact the JCMF for sponsorship opportunities. (251) 971-3633

2016 – 2017 Peer Helpers

Check out the 2015 FOX 10 News Report on the Peer Helper Jubilee below:

“She was talking about bullying and how to handle with bullying and I have been bullied because I’m smaller than everyone else and so it would help me a lot,” said fifth grader, Mary Elizabeth from J. Larry Newton School.

“The biggest problem I see at our school is basically just fighting. You know, we’ve got all these fights, but it’s just the dumb things that they fight about,” Dylan Stallworth of Foley Middle School said.

“I didn’t quite realize the full potential of being a Peer Helper until now, cause now I realize I can go to somebody and I can talk to them,” Hunter Sessions of Daphne Middle School said. “I can help lead people in the right direction and set them on the right course or path.”

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